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Wichita, Kansas Chiropractor
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Welcome to GreenLeaf Chiropractic

Heal – Grow – Thrive

Greenleaf Chiropractic is the Wichita, Kansas office of Dr. Paul Willert.

GreenLeaf Chiropractic is a wellness based office treating adults and children of all ages, and owned by Dr. Paul Willert. Additionally, GreenLeaf Chiropractic has an in office Master Herbalist who offers nutritional coaching by appt only 1-2dys ea month. Stop by and visit us.  We are located in the Historical Delano District! His GreenLeaf staff is available and eager to answer any questions you have.  We love our patients!

Dr. Paul is currently accepting new patients and Walk-Ins. *INSURANCE ACCEPTED*

Sports Chiropractic

Dr. Paul has a passion for helping athletes. Chiropractic adjustments help to maintain an athletes body in order to obtain peak performance while competing! Wichita, Kansas Sports Chiropractor Dr. Paul looks forward to helping athletes of all ages in various sports.

Posture Correction & Rehabilitation

In the electronics age children and adults alike are suffering from a condition known as Forward Head Posture (FHP). With his years of experience he combines his chiropractic skills with therapy and exercises that can easily be done at home and in the office. Dr Paul is dedicated to helping correct this postural epidemic.


There are different types of headaches. Migraines, Tension, Cluster…. Dr. Paul is known for finding the root of these headaches and prescribing a treatment plan that best fits the needs of each individual patient. Wichita, Kansas Chiropractor Dr. Paul is looking forward to helping you in the near future.

Laser Therapy

GreenLeaf is now offering Deep Tissue laser therapy. Lightforce Laser therapy is pain free and helpful in eliminating pain and inflammation. Learn more about Deep tissue therapy by Lightforce.

Infants & Children

Dr. Paul helps our little ones with gentle low force techniques, cranial adjusting, and activator method. Wichita, Kansas Chiropractor Dr. Paul looks forward to working with your children. Give you infants and children the best with Wichita Chiropractor Dr. Paul.

Pregnancy Care

Wichita, Kansas Chiropractor Dr Paul practices the Webster Technique. This technique removes in-utero constraints which allow for the baby to move into a comfortable and optimal position while preparing for birth. Get the best pregnancy care in Wichita, Kansas.

Cranial Work

Dr Paul practices Cranial Adjusting Technique (C.A.T.S.) Turner Style. Cranial adjustments are gentle movements to the bones and sutures which remove restriction to allow for growth and development. The brain that breathes is a healthy brain!


Many babies are born with breast-feeding difficulties. Issues such as a shallow latch, pain while breastfeeding, tongue tie, and poor milk transfer can be addressed with a multi-disciplinary approach including chiropractic care for your baby.

Our Team At GreenLeaf Chiropractic In Wichita, Kansas is looking forward to meeting you!

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